The Role of the Computer in Concrete Batching Plant All the concrete batching plants adopt industrial computer control system which not only can operate automatically, but also can operate manually and it is easy to operate. The dynamic panel can display the running condition of all the components of concrete batch and mixing plant; it can store various data of batch plant, print all kinds of statements according to the requirement, and reach more than tens of thousands of store recipes.2015 portable concrete mixer for sale Control room is equipped with air conditioning which can guarantee electrical components durable and reliable performance, stable and sustainable. The control system uses two ways, one is double machine and double control system type that is composed of two high performance industrial computers, one computer is as the main control system and other one is as the management and monitoring system doubles as a backup machine of the main production machine which not only has manual system, but also has automatic function to achieve the data sharing between control machine and management machine. Once the control machine has failure, it can be transformed to the management machine work which can maximum guarantee the normal operation of the system; the other control system is composed of industrial computer and batching control instrument that is the batching control instrument data input the industrial computer and through the board or PLC programmable controller output signal to ensure the system work continuously. Some Information of Screw Conveyor and Cement Silo

LSY series screw conveyor from dasion is produced with the advent of commercial concrete batch plant. dasion LSY screw conveyor is designed and manufactured on the basis of absorbing the advantages of Germany and Italy, which has features of strong ability of conveying, good dust-proof and moisture-proof performance, low noise, pollution prevention and other advantages. This machine is flexible to move without basic fixation, and can be suitable for horizontal or inclined arrangement. LSY series screw conveyor is the essential equipment for concrete mixing station to transport cement and fly ash. This type of screw conveyor also has a wide range of application in other areas like chemical industry, metallurgy and power station. Bulk cement silo is a kind of enclosed storage tank, and it is suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials, which can display the position and amount of the material. The cooperative use of cement silo and screw conveyor can convey materials to each part of the concrete batching plant. For the features of convenient installation and reliable performance, the cement silo is ideal bulk storage tank of various kinds of concrete mixing plant.hopper silo for concrete batching plant dasion has won high reputation in construction industry for its high quality products and considerate after-sales. We offer portable concrete mixer, diesel concrete mixer, concrete pump, concrete batching plant,etc.

How to Operate the Diesel Concrete Mixer Better

In today’s concrete mixer market, the diesel concrete mixer is the most popular model, because it can mix concrete better and make sure the concrete products can show more excellent performance in the process of using. Diesel engine concrete mixer is also named civilian concrete mixer and it is also a common type concrete mixer in our daily life. In the process of using diesel concrete mixer , whether the rolling is normally or not has great influence on the concrete mixer. The rolling condition of the concrete mixer influences whether it can roll successfully or not. There are many details in diesel concrete mixer, whatever in installing or the production of concrete. For diesel concrete mixer, it is a key that how better deals with the problem about the normal rolling of the concrete mixer, so it requires the operators to hydraulic concrete mixer machine js4000 from china check and watch the drum and deal with the fault in time when operating the diesel concrete mixer. Throughout the development of China’s construction machinery industry, dasion Machinery has made some progress, and our diesel concrete mixers are very popular in the international market. However, we also cannot be blindly optimistic. We must achieve steady progress to make the concrete mixer equipment’s development trend more rational and healthy in the future.

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